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Since 2000 Signature Promotions has had the goal of offering personalized service, expert advice and ensuring right product, right price, right outcome is delivered to every client. We go beyond just selling and adding a logo to an item. We will guide you on selection of items so that they fit your needs and goal expectations ensuring you hit your target audience and that your brand message has longevity and the product generates leads, builds traffic and ultimately increases sales.

Signature Promotions isn't just a promotional product distributor we also do screen printing, embroidery, banners and business printing. Basically anything you can put your company name on. So allow us to help you with your total brand concept.

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Why Promotional Products?

Promotional Products follow the law of reciprocity. Over 50% of people who are given a promotional item ultimately end up doing business with that company. The subliminal exposure to your brand name over and over again as a promotional item is used daily, hourly or even minute to minute means your company logo and message is within customers or potential customers easy reach and sight.

The more people that see your brand on the streets, the more likely they are to keep you in mind. Tee shirts, grocery tote bags, draw string backpacks turn people into human billboards advertsing for you!


of people will go out of their way to get a promotional product


say promotional products make their experiences more memorable


of people who receive promotional items will keep them

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