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Grace's Universe© Holiday design Face Mask with Filter Pocket

# HOLIDAY G101 $2.40 - $5.14

*Free Shipping in one continental USA location. Grace's Universe© Although the world is complicated, life can be simple. Although reality is difficult, the dream can be free. No matter how tough life is, we should always keep hope And with love, we can feel prosperous and happy. In Grace's Universe, we paint the world with colors and warm every heart with words. We hope that all of Grace's Universe paintings and words can light up the dark and make those dim stars shine again. In Grace's Universe, we are the stars that shine gloriously, just like the sun bringing everyone warmth and love. Now, let us soar with our dreams to Grace's Universe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The face mask made of two layers of polyester fabric with two elastic loops. Pocket for a removable filter; the filter you can insert coffee filter, vacuum HEPA bag paper etc.. Insert any filter you want keep you away from virus. or to wear as just a cloth mask without a filter. WASHABLE with filter removed. You can insert surgical mask into pocket make more layer and more safe. Made of Dry & Fit Light-weight Moisture wicking fabric. Very stretchy and fits most with ease. Machine wash. Dryer not recommend. Material: 100% polyester, Moisture wicking fabric. Made In Taiwan. Filter not included. Note: Difference of +/- 5-8% subject to Shrinkage and Edge Stitch (Sewing).



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